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Complain as we might, Canadians have never been better equipped to deal with the cold, from Sorel boots that can handle temperatures of -40° C to winter footwear from Pajar with cleats built into the sole for a better grip. Footwear is now a science: WinterLab in Toronto recreates harsh winter conditions—from icy surfaces to 30 km/h winds—to test different treads.

Even winter apparel is having its fashion moment. Total outerwear sales across Canada jumped by 11 per cent to $3.2 billion in the 12 months leading up to September 2015, according to market research firm NPD Group. The previous 12-month cycle had growth of five per cent. canada goose jacket“It’s cool to have technical hardware on your fashion outerwear for everyday use,” says NPD’s fashion industry analyst Sandy Silva. “You’ll never use the true utility the purchase was intended for an everyday occasion.” Ravean, a Utah-based startup, just launched a line of fashionable battery-heated jackets with gloves that can be heated, too, by plugging them into the coat.

But the company that comes top of mind each winter is Canada Goose, whose parkas are advertised as being “field tested in the coldest places on Earth.” Its domestic sales increased in 2015 by more than 25 per cent over 2014, according to figures shared by the private company, with British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec its biggest growth markets. The jackets are so in style that Sports Illustrated featured supermodel Kate Upton on the cover of its swimsuit issue wearing only a Canada Goose parka and bikini bottoms.canada goose solaris parkaThe coyote-fur-trimmed hoods have, on their own, almost made wearing fur acceptable again. From an annual revenue of $5 million in 2001, the company forecasts global revenues will top $300 million this year—which might explain the opening of a second factory in Winnipeg.

Back in Tromsø, there’s always something to look forward to in winter. When the local Christmas markets shut down, the town prepares to host an international film festival in January. “It’s the coldest, darkest part of the year and yet they’re inviting people from all over the world to come to their film festival,” Leibowitz says.

As for her research, Leibowitz helped develop a wintertime mindset scale that surveyed people’s agreement or disagreement with statements like: “There are many things to enjoy about the winter,” or, “In the winter, I feel like doing nothing.” “We found that having a positive wintertime mindset was correlated with life satisfaction, personal growth and positive emotions,” she says. “All seasons have positive and negative aspects, but we tend to focus on the positive things about summer and the negative things about winter.”

She isn’t suggesting that those with clinically diagnosed seasonal depression can simply snap out of it by changing their mindsets. But for many cold-weather haters, reframing the idea of winter can be beneficial. She’s seen it first-hand, like when she hunkered inside at 10 p.m.canada goose langford parkaduring Tromsø’s worst snowstorm of the year. “I looked outside and saw someone on my street,” she laughs, “just going for a jog.”

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Canada Goose jackets have become a wardrobe staple for New Yorkers.It’s impossible to walk a single New York City block without seeing at least three jackets bearing the distinctive red, white and blue Canada Goose patches. After Monday’s stormette, such sightings will likely become even more common.
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The high-end parkas have become a wardrobe staple for New Yorkers braving bone-chilling temps and near-blizzard conditions—and a major plus for city retailers.

With more than 50 retail accounts in the New York City area alone, the 58-year-old brand finds that the U.S. is its fastest-growing market. Last month, Canada Goose, which, true to its name, does manufacture its coats in Canada, opened a 3,000-square-foot sales office in the Starrett-Lehigh building in Chelsea—its first in the area. This year, it started selling at Bergdorf Goodman, in addition to other New York stores such as Intermix and Paragon Sporting Goods.

Susan Boyle, owner of Rime, an eight-year-old retailer with stores in downtown Brooklyn and the Upper East Side, started stocking Canada Goose products about five years ago and has been richly rewarded. The jackets, priced at between $595 and $1,200, are her top-selling outerwear brand and consistently sell out. “This year, I have three items left, and we’re not even in the heart of winter,” said Ms. Boyle, who noted that she sold one of her last coats Sunday night in advance of Monday’s storm. This year, she increased her buying of the brand by 20%, compared with last year.canada goose pas cher homme.

“You’re willing to spend the money because you know the product is right—you’re going to wear it every day in the winter, not like a pair of Gucci boots you’ll wear for a special occasion,” she said.

The brand is also selling well at Letter J, a one-year-old shop in Chelsea. “Canada Goose outerwear has been stellar,” said founder Jason Somerfeld. “We just received our fourth reorder last week.”cheap canada goose down parka.

Such demand has sent Canada Goose Inc. sales soaring. The brand generates about $200 million in revenue, up from a mere $5 million a decade ago. Revenue in the U.S. market is up 45% in the past year alone, said Chief Executive Dani Reiss.

“There’s … a continued appreciation of and desire for real things from real brands—brands that make products where they should be made, and with a heritage, not just a cool label,” he said.

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The craze picked up steam when Kate Upton went “polar bare” on the cover of the 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, ditching her bikini top for a white Canada Goose bomber jacket, worn open over string-bikini bottoms. Her glam squad also sported Canada Goose parkas during the six-day shoot in Antarctica — but the lucky team was permitted clothes.
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Now the jackets are roosting on every street corner.Modal Trigger Actor Ansel Elgort sports a Canada Goose coat as he passes through New York en route to Sundance.“We’re the Land Rover of clothing,” says Reiss. “We’re built to be used in the harshest climates, but we’ve also transcended into the fashion world.”
Canada Goose is part of the booming “premium-down” category, along with its main competitor, Moncler, and a handful of outdoor brands like the North Face and Patagonia.

“The trend of these parkas continues to gain in momentum,” says Colleen Sherin, senior fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue. “Canada Goose is an important brand for us. It’s quality, it’s an investment piece, and it’s practical.”discount canada goose jackets womens.Bob Gilman, COO of Paragon Sports, the company’s primary dealer in New York, added that Canada Goose is a “great seller.”But the label is so ubiquitous that many trendsetters feel the Goose — as with Uggs, another former winter “must-have” — is finally cooked.
This fatigue was felt particularly keenly this week at Sundance, where Canada Goose is among the sponsors of the indie-film extravaganza/freebie fest for the third year running. The company has even set up a gifting suite where $550 limited-edition black “Hybridge Lite Hoody” jackets are being handed out for free to directors.

“I feel like a bit of a d - - khead,” admits director Matthew Bate of being part of such a raging trend after scooping up a free Goose at the suite. “But it’s warmer than my other jackets.”

“I would wear a Goose, but they’re definitely over,” adds 33-year-old entertainment personality Ben Lyons, who was hanging out on Sunday at Sundance’s Stella Artois Cafe. “You see them everywhere.”canada goose kensington parka online.